Royal Air Flight Schedule

Royal Air began its commercial operations on December 14, 2018 and successfully launched its inaugural flight from Clark to Caticlan and vice versa. Royal Air is committed to adding domestic and international routes to become the country’s fast-growing airline with the intention to connect the Philippines to more destinations.

Royal Air’s goal is to weave stories of people coming together and dreams being fulfilled with their warm, passionate and genuine approach to travel.

Check out their flight schedule below:

June 17-October 27, 2019
Clark to Caticlan – RW968 – MWFSu – Departure 9AM – Arrival 10:10AM
Caticlan to Manila – RW969 – MWFSu – Departure 10:40AM – Arrival 11:50AM

Clark to Puerto Princesa – RW 868 – MWFSu – Departure 12:50PM – Arrival 2:20PM
Puerto Princesa to Manila – RW 869 – MWFSu – Departure 2:50PM – Arrival 4:20PM

May 20-until further notice
Manila to Cebu – RW201 – Daily – Departure 4:35AM – Arrival 6:05AM
Cebu to Manila – RW202 – Daily – Departure 11:45PM – Arrival 1:15AM the next day

Cebu to Davao – RW678 – Daily – Departure 7:05AM – Arrival 8:15AM
Davao to Cebu – RW679 – Daily – Departure 9AM – Arrival 10:10AM

Starting July 16
Cebu to Puerto Princesa – RW646 – MWFSu – Departure 11:10AM – Arrival 12:40PM
Puerto Princesa to Cebu – RW647 – MWFSu – Departure 1:25PM – Arrival 2:55PM

Cebu to Cagayan de Oro – RW698 TThSa – Departure 11:10AM – Arrival 12:15PM
Cagayan de Oro to Cebu – RW699 – TThSa – Departure 1PM – Arrival 2:05PM

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Schedules are subject to change without prior notice

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